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  • Amanda Arcone

A New Chapter Begins: Designing Bliss for Empty Nesters

You may be sending off your last kiddo to school this year, and if that's the case, this one is for you! As an empty nester for almost ten years, I've thought and planned through the process of designing our home to meet our new needs and lifestyle. I will admit the first couple of years were hard on me, and it took me some time and a new house to get into my new groove. Designing my spaces was a huge part of getting through this new chapter. I hope you find this post particularly helpful and inspiring.

Life is an ever-evolving journey, and as the nest gradually empties, a new chapter of discovery unfolds. Designing for the empty nest isn't about letting go but embracing a fresh canvas to create a haven that celebrates this new phase of life. It's a chance to prioritize your desires, dreams, and comforts in a space that's all your own. Let's embark on this uplifting journey and explore how to infuse your space with joy, purpose, and a touch of well-deserved luxury.

1. Serenity in Simplicity: As the house echoes with newfound quiet, embrace the beauty of simplicity. Opt for a clean and uncluttered aesthetic that exudes tranquility. This doesn't mean removing all the color and personality but taking time to clear out the things you no longer need like all those crafts supplies the kids needed for endless projects.

2. Multi-Functional Magic: With grown children forging their own paths, the space they once occupied can transform into a multi-functional wonderland. A home office, a cozy reading nook, or even a yoga retreat – let your passions guide the creation of spaces that inspire and nurture your well-being.

3. Curating Cherished Memories: Your home is a testament to the stories you've lived and the memories you've created. Honor your journey by incorporating elements that reflect your life's adventures. Display cherished mementos, travel souvenirs, and family heirlooms – each telling a unique chapter of your beautiful story. Lots of these items get stored away, now is the time to get them out and on display.

4. Embrace Luxurious Comfort: Designing for your newfound empty nest is the perfect opportunity to indulge in luxurious comfort. Invest in quality furniture that envelops you in coziness. Plush sofas, soft throws, and heavenly bedding can create a haven of relaxation, reminding you to revel in life's simple pleasures. You know it's been years since you've replaced well-loved and worn-out sofas and chairs, now is the time to invest in you and what you love. Refreshing our spaces is a gift to ourselves.

5. Rekindle Hobbies and Passions: With more time to spare, rediscover hobbies and passions that once took a back seat. Designate a space for painting, crafting, or playing a musical instrument. Allow your space to become a sanctuary where your creativity flourishes.

6. Openness and Light: Incorporate design elements that allow natural light to flood your home. Large windows and open layouts can create an airy ambiance that feels uplifting and invigorating. Bask in the warmth of sunlight and relish the renewed energy it brings. Adding new window treatments freshens your space and gives it an easy update.

7. Warmth in Welcoming: Even as the nest empties, the bonds with loved ones remain strong. Design your space with gatherings in mind. Create a welcoming atmosphere for family and friends, ensuring that your home remains a place of connection and love. My husband and I love our cocktail hours on the weekends and time together after a long week, and even more, we love sharing these spaces with friends and family.

8. Reflect and Renew: As your surroundings evolve, take time to reflect on the journey you've undertaken and the person you've become. Incorporate reflective elements like mirrors or calming artwork to encourage moments of introspection and rejuvenation. This may sound silly, but it is a significant change in life and worth taking a moment or two to sink into this new chapter. Your home is a big part of this change; consider the decor and other essential items in the transition.

9. Embrace Adventure: Empty nesting is not the end but a new beginning. Use this phase to embark on new adventures – both in your personal growth and in your design choices. Experiment with bold colors, statement pieces, and unexpected textures that reflect your zest for life.

10. Celebration of Self: Above all, designing for the empty nest is an ode to self-celebration. Embrace your individuality, passions, and dreams. Create an environment that resonates with your heart's desires, reminding you that this chapter of life is your canvas to fill with joy and authenticity.

As the nest empties, it isn't goodbye to the past; it's a joyful embrace of the present and a hopeful embrace of the future. Designing your spaces involves crafting a home that embodies your aspirations and experiences.

Your home is your sanctuary, a testament to the beautiful journey you continue to traverse. If you need help in this new phase, I am here to help.

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