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  • Amanda Arcone

3 Easy Steps For Your Next Home Makeover

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

If you're looking to update or redo your home but time and money are short. Think about a makeover which is much easier to do. Not only is making over your current space more timely than a remodel, but it's also ideal for most budgets.

Here's a quick look at the best home makeover ideas if you're on both a time and money budget:


Your home is more than a dwelling. It reflects your personality and is a haven for your private affairs. Flood it with light, not nosy neighbors. The right window treatment will allow you optimum privacy while ensuring you and your home get plenty of vitamin D.

New window coverings can instantly and effortlessly upgrade your space. Avoid materials that are too heavy or too minimal for your area, and choose a color that harmonizes with your ideal interior design. Have fun with this one; you can do combinations of treatments too. Think about all the needs in your space and layer the windows just like other areas of your home for extra style and impact.


Tired of paint? Try wallpaper. Gone are the confusing prints of the 1970s. The refreshing and lively melodies of modern wallpaper are here to stay. With a combination of solids and prints, your walls can upgrade seamlessly with your new window coverings and give the room an entirely new aura - no carpentry required! You can also try stenciling. Wall stenciling is back, and the patterns available are abundant. This can be a cost saver too. To save on wallpaper, choose a feature wall or add it to the back of shelving or open cabinetry.


Why should your windows and walls have all the fun? Furniture fabric has a special place in the home. We touch it. We lounge across it. We huddle together on it, sharing tears, joys, or a cocktail. In essence, it lives life with us. For that reason alone, it deserves the utmost attention during a room makeover.

There you have it. For your next room makeover, grab some new window coverings, a roll or two of wallpaper, and some fabric. With those elements, you'll have a refreshed and updated space in no time. Much easier than taking down walls and hiring an architect!

If you need help planning your next room refresh, you can reach me at, let's get your project planned together.



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