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  • Amanda Arcone

3 Reasons to Love Honeycomb Shades

Photo courtesy of Lafayette Windows

Don't let anyone fool you - Roman shades haven't replaced honeycomb shades, nor are they outdated. As with all other interior design elements, each has a proper time and place.

Honeycomb shades can make your home more energy efficient, provide design flexibility, and suit all ages and abilities safely.

Photo courtesy of Hunter Douglas

Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades, are made of double-pleated fabric that can fold flat or take on their signature "honeycomb" shape when extended. The air pockets formed by the honeycomb folds help to create a thermal barrier. For that reason alone, these shades are excellent solutions for windows that tend to have air leakage.

If your home is older and getting colder every winter, consider ramping up your home's energy efficiency with this surprisingly simple window treatment solution.

Photo courtesy of Lafayette Windows

Cellular shades are excellent for large windows due to their clean, crisp aesthetic. If you select monochromatic, solid fabric colors, your shades can block harsh sunlight and curious eyes without detracting from the rest of your space.

If you add a top-down, bottom-up feature, you can further control the lighting and privacy of your space. And even better, you can add motorization to these hard-to-reach spots; with just a click of a button, you create instant harmony in your room.

Photo courtesy of Hunter Douglas

To keep the exterior appearance of your home attractive and consistent, the backing to nearly all shades should be white. More importantly, cordless options and motorization features can help ensure that your shades are safe and easy to use.

Did you know that I am an official Lafayette Windows dealer? If you need window treatments, from honeycomb, wood blinds, or shutters, I can help. For a beautifully layered look, add soft draperies to finish the look of your room. I have hundreds of fabrics to help create the look you want

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