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  • Amanda Arcone

3 Ways to Maintain Your Organized Home

Make any professional organizer proud

If you've already invested time in organizing, you know it's your job to make it last. Sometimes it's hard and life has a funny way of getting in the way. Whether you're starting to feel disorganized again or simply want to stay a few steps ahead of the chaos, I have 3 organizing rhythms that will help you maintain your organized home without spending hours on it.

Meet the Quick Cruise, the Ruthless Remedy, and the Declutter Dash...

1. The Quick Cruise

The situation: Your home looks good but a bit askew. It's the end of a long day and the last thing you want to do is work. It's okay, you have other options. A quick tidy-up will help you truly relax for the night.

Go for a 10-minute runaround through your main living areas with a bin or basket in hand. Pick up everything that doesn't belong in that room and (here is the key step) return every item to its proper location. Don't set it somewhere else and think you might finish it later.

You're busy, pulled in many directions, and the likelihood of those items sitting there until your next cruise is highly likely...unless you just do it right now. You've got this. If you are short on time, do just one room per day.

Time investment: 10 minutes

2. The Ruthless Remedy

The situation: You've started to notice that one small area of your home is being neglected - the bedroom closet, the pantry, the refrigerator... You get the picture. Pick one of these spaces (yes, just one) and pull out each item that is unused, outdated, or unloved. Move fast and don't think too much. Be ruthless.

Shirts you never wear anymore, coats that are out of season, expired pantry items, half-eaten items, unknown items in the fridge (eww) - don't think about it. Spend no more than five minutes pulling out all items that no longer belong.

Create one pile. Divide that pile into three categories: Storage, donation, and garbage. Spend the next 15 minutes executing on the needs of each category, then stop. You're done!

Time investment: 20 minutes or less

3. The Declutter Dash

The situation: Your friend is coming over for coffee and you haven't exactly had time to tidy your home. You have less than a half-hour. Here's what you do...

Line up the shoes by the door or put them in their cubbies, if you have those. Hang up all coats and stow away all scarves, hats, gloves, umbrellas, etc. Re-align the welcome mat or runner with the front door (it shifts over time and can look sloppy). Whew, now your first impression will be orderly!

Gather all excess charging cables. Straighten the books on the bookshelves. Fluff and arrange your throw pillows. Fold your lap blankets. Clear the coffee table of everything except stylistic elements. Clear the kitchen counter of clutter - unread mail, old bills, keys, toys.

Time investment: 25 minutes or less


Make it a lifestyle. Much like healthy eating or regular exercise, being organized is nothing more than a habit. Your definition of organization won't look like that of your best friend's - and that's okay. Your organized home should make you feel good about yourself. Does it?


Make sure it gets done. You might try your hardest to maintain an orderly home, and you shouldn't feel guilty if you struggle to do that. Make the time to do it or hire a professional to help.

Struggling at home with designing a room that's easy to keep organized and happy? Book a free discovery call with me and let's talk about it.


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