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  • Amanda Arcone

4 Helpful Tips for Organizing Your Mudroom

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

How wonderful are mudrooms? After the kitchen, I'd say they're one of our homes' most hard-working spaces. When used correctly and thoughtfully, you can create a harmonized and systematic way of controlling what can turn into a dumping ground of chaos and clutter. I'm talking about ways to keep the mess and stress at bay and make this space as valuable as intended.

Tip 1: Reassess the Room's Purpose & Survey Available Space

Just like any other room in your home, space planning matters. Start with assessing how the room will be used regularly and once you've pinpointed the most needed use for this area, get organized around it. Get enough baskets to catch it all, whether it’s hats, gloves, or scarves. Do the mail and the mystery amazon packages end up here, then have a bin to collect these items? Think strategically about how you use the space.

Tip 2: Purchase Purposeful Storage & Establish Easy Systems

As I mentioned above, when you plan, you allow for purposeful purchasing, getting the proper storage and organization of containers to help manage the flow of items into the space. Consider what you need, but you also need to get a plan together so the whole family can help keep it organized. Keep the program easy and simple to follow!

Tip 3: Make a Plan for Moisture Control & Swap Seasonal Items

One of the biggest challenges with mudrooms is moisture control. Think about how you manage wet boots, damp gloves, and dripping umbrellas as part of your plan. Depending on the part of the country you live in, you might consider adding a small and quiet dehumidifier to help mitigate constant dampness. Make sure the area has washable rugs. I am a big fan of Ruggables, lots of style with easy-to-care rugs for all areas of your home. In a closet, I keep big bins with snap closing lids; at the change of each season, I swap out the needed items for that specific season. This controls clutter in a big way and makes space for the necessities. You don’t need mud boots out all summer! Stash and store for next-level control of your room.

Tip 4: Style the Newly Organized Space & Enjoy its Beauty

Because I'm a designer, I always think of how function meets beauty. Remember, even though this area is a workhorse space, you can style it with beautiful pieces. I love adding a hall table or vintage piece with drawers in a mudroom. A bench works great for a place to put on shoes. Bookshelves help organize school papers and mail. Hooks are great for coats and backpacks. Add a fun pendant light and rugs to match your desired aesthetic. There are so many beautiful baskets, bins, and washable rugs that match every decor style. The more it looks lovely and part of the home, the more likely you will keep it well organized and neat. This helps keep it working the way it's supposed to. I add a plant to the table to bring color and life into the space. Little touches bring harmony and meaning to the room.

With thought and planning and adding a personal touch with decor and fun accessories, you'll be able to keep this space working hard, looking beautiful, and staying organized and together. And that, my friends, will keep you happy and stress-free every season.

Happy organizing.

If you need a professional to help design a well-thought-out room this winter, please reach out to me; I can't wait to meet you!



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