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  • Amanda Arcone

A Measuring Guide for Perfectly Mounted Drapery & Curtains

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Mistakes made with drapery and curtain installation are generally easy fixes. It may require some wall patching and paint touchup, but generally, it's not a budget buster. No worries though, I'm here to help you avoid those mistakes!

The mistake I see most of the time with how draperies and curtains are hung is the height at which they are placed. With that, let's dive into my best practices for the most beautiful and practical ways to affect a room's look, feel, and function.

How High Should You Mount Drapery?

Hang your curtains as high as possible and bring them all the way to the floor; that's my most straightforward tip. Keep in mind your ceiling, moldings, door openings, and other elements in the room that can affect where you install your drapery rods. Why do this? It gives you drama, sophistication, and an eye-pleasing effect. This rule, of course, will depend on your room, the ceiling height, and the type of molding. The rule of thumb, i.e., what I learned in my design classes, is to put them at least 4-6" higher than the window frame. Again, the higher you hang them, the bigger/taller your windows will appear.

How Long Should Your Curtain Rod Be?

When it comes to your curtain rod and to help you achieve the best visual and functional results, we typically have a few goals, such as making windows appear more prominent and blocking or unblocking a view. You'll typically find the standard width for most curtain panels usually run 44", 66", or 90". Most windows only need one panel on each side, but if your windows are wide enough, you can add two panels to each side. After you've determined your window measurements, don't forget to include trim/molding, and make sure the rod length you purchase can extend at least 6"-12" on both sides of your window trim/molding. The rule is that your rod should be about 2/3 between your trim and the ceiling. Just like the length, the objective is to give the illusion of a larger window and help add to the room's height. Drama! Lots of drama and a luxe look.

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