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  • Amanda Arcone

Celebrity-Level Organizing for Your Beauty Products

Style your private beauty collection

If your favorite lipstick can often be seen rolling around a drawer, or your flat iron is regularly tangled in its own cord, you know you need to get organized. But do you have the time? Probably not and that's okay.

For just one minute, imagine how much more efficient your mornings would be if you knew where to find everything you needed to get ready for the day. Okay, stop imagining. Let's make it a reality.

First, you have to categorize. When organizing your beauty essentials, I typically split them into four categories:

  1. Body products - body lotion, shower gel, self-tanner, bubble bath, bath bombs, etc.

  2. Hair products - hair spray, dry shampoo, regular shampoo, conditioner, etc.

  3. Hair tools - irons, rollers, blow dryers, hair accessories, etc.

  4. Face products - creams, oils, toners, makeup, brushes, sponges, etc.

Along the way, I recycle the empties and wipe down the keepers.

Once I've categorized the items then comes assessing. Determine which products and tools are part of your daily routine and compare them with the space you have available, and then I'll take a few measurements and create a list of the organizing containers needed.

A few useful and inexpensive tools I consider using to bring about this include...

  • Shelf risers - super helpful for preventing bottles from being forgotten at the back of the shelf

  • Turntables - handy for making corner cabinets more functional

  • Clear drawers - suitable for under the sink while not making you guess what's inside

  • Metal, mesh bins, or canisters - excellent for hot tools, even though we know, you'd never put them away while they're still warm

Now we move on to merchandise. The goal of professional organizing is to merchandise your space truly, not merely bring about a sense of order. Your beauty space, whether a small countertop or an entire room, shouldn't just be functional. It should look amazing and make you feel confident, too.

Think of your favorite beauty supply store. Bright lights, clever placement, thoughtful arrangement, and easy visibility are essential for selling products. These elements are also so helpful in ensuring you know what you have and can easily access it. Plus, it doesn't hurt your Instagram feed when you get to share photos of your excellent beauty room that truly lives up to its name. Form, function, and beauty.


How much of your makeup no longer suits your style? Bright red lipstick might be your middle name, or it might be "so last year." Swatch your makeup products on the top of your hand or the inside of your arm and dispose of anything that isn't "you" anymore. Also, take stock of when you last used something, makeup does go bad, and while we hate to waste it, it's not worth putting on your face and risking an infection.


Makeup brushes eventually become full of products and lose their effectiveness. Sponges might even start to grow mildew (eww) if not cleaned often enough. Soak these items in natural dish soap and hot water, or use hydrogen peroxide and hot water to start fresh. Try to wash your brushes weekly, especially if you make a daily makeup application. There are lots of options on the market for brush cleaners, and they all work relatively the same.

Struggling at home with designing a room that's easy to keep organized and happy? Book a free discovery call with me and let's talk about it.



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