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  • Amanda Arcone

Design Like The French

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

French interior design is characterized by a chic, effortless style that mixes old and new elements to create a timeless look. Here are some tips to help you decorate like the French:

  1. Embrace Vintage and Antique Pieces: French interior design often features vintage and antique pieces mixed with more modern pieces. Look for antique furniture pieces, vintage rugs, and unique finds from flea markets and estate sales. Mix it all up, and don't be shy. The more eclectic, the better.

  2. Use Neutral Colors: French interior design often incorporates a neutral color palette. Use shades of white, cream, beige, and gray to create a sophisticated, understated look. Adding natural elements and pottery will bring other colorways to this otherwise neutral palette.

  3. Incorporate Textures: Texture is essential in French interior design. Mix materials like linen, velvet, and wool to create depth and visual interest. Rich textures in deep tones are great ways to add a European flair to your spaces.

  4. Add a Touch of Glamour: French interior design often incorporates a touch of glamour through elements like chandeliers, gilded mirrors, and luxurious fabrics. Touches of gilded glamour are timeless.

  5. Create Cozy Spaces: French interior design often prioritizes comfort and coziness. Add plush pillows, soft throws, and comfortable seating to create inviting and comfortable spaces.

  6. Display Books and Art: French interior design often features colorful and engaging books and art as vital elements in a space. Create bookshelves that showcase your favorite books, and add the artwork to your walls to create a personal and unique space. I love learning old art pieces on shelves and bookcases to give them a layered look.

By incorporating these elements into your home, you can create a French-inspired interior design that is chic, elegant, and timeless.

I've rounded out some of my favorite pieces in my shop.



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