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  • Amanda Arcone

Highlights of an UnPolished Kitchen

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

"My kitchen is never empty. Even though the kids have flown the nest, my husband and I work together here and often where we have the best conversations. My kitchen must be warm, casual, and spacious but able to work hard and function well."

That's right, I said unpolished. I think an overly done kitchen with all white or overdone with tiles and expensive everything loses all its charm. Slick appliances that look like industrial equipment do nothing to create a warm and inviting space. Back in the "olden days," kitchens were "unfitted," meaning no matching or attached cabinetry to either the lower or upper walls, and usually had a table for meals and prep work. It allowed the family to gather together with ease and comfort. Today's kitchens are remarkably harsh and shiny and, to be honest, don't look very inviting.

If the saying is true that the kitchen is the heart of the home, then it should feel that way. This sentiment is widespread among traditional homeowners, and for a good reason. The reality of the kitchen is that it is a workhorse area of the home; not only does the kitchen contain more appliances and plumbing than any other room in the house, second only to the bathroom, but it also serves as a central hub for hosting, creating, and,

Treat your kitchen well, and it will continue to serve you. Here are three things you can add to your kitchen to ensure that it stays functional and fashionable for years to come:

Make a statement

While your Instagram and Pinterest feeds fill up with perfectly white kitchens, keep an eye out for exquisite backsplashes, stencils, or wallpaper. The positive of tile is that it protects the wall and gives the look of understated elegance with its delicate pattern and soft, neutral colors.


Lighting above your island or peninsula should become a focal point, not something that just "hangs there." This is one area of the room where function meets style. They are both equally important. If you have an island, I love adding a pendant light. If space allows, add lamps, they provide lovely ambient light and give you another opportunity to add charm, color, and texture to the room.


Whether you're dressing a window above the kitchen sink, completing a breakfast nook, or even finishing off sliding glass doors, it's time to realize the power of simply elegant drapery side panels, a fabric-covered cornice board, or roman shades.

Roman shades are often the go-to window treatment for the kitchen (and I love an excellent Roman shade) but don't discount side panels which can give the kitchen a softer, less industrial feeling. Even better, dayer Roman shades with drapery side panels to allow for privacy and beauty - even in your kitchen.

Lastly, make the kitchen yours by adding open shelving with your favorite cookbooks, art, vases, or plants on open display. Kitchens are meant to be used daily, and keeping a few things within reach, such as oils, spices, and other cooking essentials, should be out and ready to grab, so create a huddle space for these items on trays or cutting boards to add more depth and loveliness to your space.



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