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  • Amanda Arcone

Holiday Tips for a Home that Feels Cozy & Comforting without the Clutter

Every holiday during the Thanksgiving weekend is when I typically start decorating; truthfully speaking, I begin in early November with my planning and organizing. Hands up if you have an attic or basement full of holiday decor. I have a theme every year; it varies slightly and very simply, usually with a thought around my ribbons; yes, you read that correctly, ribbons. I love ribbons of all colors and textures; they go on everything from wreaths to cabinet doors, shelves, around plant holders, and anywhere else I want a quick dose of festive. With that, I buy a lot of ribbons, and buying ribbons in cohesive textures and patterns takes a bit of time to source. This matters because I prefer quality over quantity for holiday decorating! Read along and get inspired to let nature and a few festive items take center stage without lots of clutter in your holiday home this year.

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Tip #1: Create Your Design Around a Classic Palette

I have a broad color palette, and that's where my planning starts. If I go with reds, I'll add red stripes, velvets, and ginghams to layer textures and patterns, just like the rest of my home. Choosing only one color without textures and patterns will make your home look like a 1970s shopping mall. I consider all colors holiday-appropriate, and you can match this back to your decor whether you love neutrals, rich dark colors, or traditional red and green. Pick a palette for cohesiveness, which helps keep a cluttered look at bay.

Tip #2: Vary Your Materials for a Curated Vibe

The holidays are the perfect time to bring nature into your home. Go out to your backyard and start foraging for pine cones, stems of greenery, and other natural elements available in your region. Choose vintage items to add to your decor, such as baskets, wooden boxes, and classic, durable goods that stand the test of time. Avoid cheap things, like plastic decor, invest in quality items that will last you for years, and create an heirloom collection for your family.

Tip #3: Style Your Space as a Designer Would

Think of decorating for the holiday season like a decorator would design your space. Remember the rule of 3, varying item eights and materials, and don't forget to style those forgotten spaces that need a festive touch. I love utilizing mirrors that reflect candlelight and Christmas tree lights. It adds a touch of sparkle without adding clutter. It also opens up your space, providing the illusion of extra space.

My last bit of advice, other than enjoy and be in the moment of the season, is to keep it simple. Instagram and other social media outlets beg us to oversize everything, which usually means putting too much in our spaces, which can overwhelm us and cause us to spend too much money. Use what you have, incorporate nature, and add some new items that are meaningful to you and your family. That is what the holiday is all about, after all.

If you have questions about whether you are on the right track with your decorating, contact me at

Happy Holidays!

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