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How to Create a Cozy Home without Clutter

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

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I don't know about you, but I get all the happy feelings from having a cozy home. Creating a cozy home without adding clutter can be challenging because we tend to think and overthink that more things in a room equal more coziness. The opposite is actually true. Creating a cozy place to read, relax and spend time with friends and family is supposed to offer you a relaxing retreat, not a space that creates anxiety because there's too much stuff around. Even the best maximalist designs offer some cohesiveness without over cluttering the room.

1. Amp Up the Cozy Texture

Adding coziness through texture allows you to swap items with soft, cozy, or natural textures such as throws in knit or cashmere. Soft pillows and faux fur elements help increase the coziness without the clutter. I keep minimal items on my ottomans, and I do this by draping a faux fur blanket and layering a tray; doing this adds a level of coziness rather than multiple decorative items that usually get in the way and get dusty! It also provides a landing place for coffee and treats.

2. Opt for Warm, Grounding Colors

I have lots of color in my home, and color for me is very relaxing; I find joy and contentment when surrounded by my favorite colors. Generally, I'll stick to a similar pattern, as with pillows, such as all florals that are similar in size and style. Or, I'll do all the same textures, like velvet. This adds cohesiveness to what can be an otherwise busy display. Alternatively, if you are more grounded in a neutral palette, earthy hues and other naturally warm tones will best suit your needs for a calming space.

3. Evoke Cozy Feelings with Warm Scents

If you ever stop by my house, no matter the time of day, I usually have a candle burning. And I always have a candle burning in the evening; it adds warmth and ambiance and clears the kitchen cooking smells after dinner. I don't typically burn fruity scented candles but am drawn more to the "warmer" scents, such as amber, cedar, cinnamon, vanilla, sandalwood, and other spice-inspired scents. I don't save these scents for the season, either. When you need to take a break or a minute to unwind, burning your favorite scent can help ground you. I also love candles because they take up very little space, another way to do cozy without lots of "things."

I hope these tips for creating a home that inspires feelings of warmth and belonging without needing to layer in a thousand extra pillows, blankets, and decor helps you find that coziness without the clutter!

Looking for an organized and cozy home that makes life easier all year 'round? Let's chat!



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