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How to Design an Inspiring In-Home Workspace

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

To get the best work out of myself, I know that designing a space to do all the work I need to get done is critical. The fewer distractions, clutter, and chaos, the more I get done. A dedicated workspace is essential for you, your family, and the kids. When designing a highly functional workspace, I have a few ideas for you to consider, so read along for inspiring ideas to get you and the family working smart and efficiently.

Step 1: Find the Right Space in Your Home for Flow & Function

It all starts with the right place. Preferably this is a quiet space away from the hustle and bustles of household traffic, noise, and high-action distractions. Ideally, it has a door; however, when that's not an option, choose to use a space within your home that allows for managed distractions. A good spot for homework or paying bills might be a corner of the living room or a table tucked into a quiet area in the kitchen. When it comes to kids, you'll want a place where you can keep a close eye on things.

Step 2: Prepare the Space & Stock it Strategically

Once you've identified your dedicated work room, space, or area, it's prep time. What do I mean by prep? The space has to be a clutter-free work surface and must be stocked with the necessary supplies such as paper, pens, stapler, and other needed school and office supplies. You'll need to consider space for bins and baskets to help establish good routines and keep the area well-organized when it's not in use.

Step 3: Choose Furniture & Decor with Comfort & Aesthetics in Mind

Choosing furniture and decor is another essential step in setting up the perfect work area. You'll want to consider both comfort and aesthetics. Comfortable seating, artwork, or photos, and don't forget to include plants and a diffuser to help keep you focused. Bookcases to store baskets and reference books are always a good idea and provide storage if desk space is limited. Lighting must be sufficient to complete tasks that happen when the sun goes down. Overhead lighting or a desk lamp works great in any scenario. Remember, whatever you and your family need to succeed must be considered.

If everyone in the family will use the space, let each family member add their personal touches. If kids are involved, ensure they have a say in the room. Let them make a couple of choices that make sense for the work they need to get done and that inspire and encourage them to use the area effectively. Lastly, ensure the workspace has access to electrical outlets; as we all know, we have lots of things to plug in to keep us all charged and working efficiently.

Wondering where you might be able to fit a workspace into your current home's floor plan? Call me in for a consultation...we're here to help! Schedule a free 15-minute chat to see how we can work together. Schedule time here.

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