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  • Amanda Arcone

Working With An Interior Designer

Let me take the mystery out of working with an interior designer. While every designer has their own "way," I'm sharing my approach to help you understand what it's really like to get the help you need on your next project and what it's like to work with me!

My dedication to meaningful and thoughtful designs is what sets me apart. It's not merely about selecting colors or arranging furniture; it's about understanding the essence of a home and translating that into your visual story. My approach goes beyond aesthetics – it's about capturing the spirit of the people who will inhabit the spaces.

How It Works

Step 1. Discovery Call

Schedule 15-20 minutes with me, and take this time to tell me more about your upcoming project, design style, design challenges, and budget. After our time together, we will schedule a 90-minute working session, The Consultation, to fully develop the scope of work you need to complete your project on time and on budget.

Step 2. The Consultation

Our 90-minute Consultation will be an entire working session. During our time together, we will explore the full scope of your project, including timelines and style preferences, and I'll measure the spaces. We'll review the items you'd like to keep and add to your spaces; we'll discuss floorplans, if walls need to be moved, and the best layouts for your furnishings.

Step 3. Design Development

With all the information you've provided and a signed proposal, our project officially kicks off. I'll create a personalized and unique design, as specified in the proposal and scope of work. It all comes together with my designs and sourcing. You'll have the option to review the visual presentation of furnishings and materials at the New England Home & Interiors Design Studio. One round of revisions is included.

Step 3. Implementation

Orders are approved and placed, schedules determined, and just like that, your room design all comes together with a personalized collection of custom items, all curated through the final design by New England Home & Interiors.

Working with me is not a transaction; it's a collaboration. It's about turning dreams into reality, one beautifully designed room at a time. My commitment to creating cozy, beautiful homes is what makes working with me the best decision for anyone looking to transform their living spaces.

Reach out to me via email at to schedule your discovery call today!

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