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  • Amanda Arcone

Mastering Wardrobe organization, expert tips for neat and tidy closet

I know I'm not alone when I say closets become cluttered more often than any other space in a home. Why are they so challenging to keep orderly? In my experience, the key lies in your approach to organizing them—specifically, the advantages of hanging versus folding and the situations in which each method is most suitable. As the seasons transition, there's no better time to initiate a closet overhaul. Fall is my favorite time to do this because we generally need the same items throughout the winter.

I've gained insights from my experience as a clothing consultant and as someone inhabiting an older home with compact closets. Blouses, pants, blazers, dresses, and jeans deserve hanger placement. Skirts, too, can be hung with clips in a vertical orientation rather than folded over a hanger. Delicate or lightweight sweaters thrive on felted hangers, while oversized, bulky sweaters fare better folded neatly on a shelf or within a drawer.

I favor hanging garments that are prone to wrinkles. The folding approach suits larger, bulkier sweaters well, given their resistance to wrinkling compared to lightweight cardigans and pullovers.

It's safe to say that most of us possess an excess of each clothing type. As a suggestion—consider stowing away surplus items or, better yet, donating what no longer sees wear. A significant portion of our closet contents likely remain untouched. Reflect on this before embarking on the organization process; doing so will liberate space in either scenario.

Invaluable Insights from Your Designer

Getting started with organizing closets and clothes is the hardest part of this chore. Typically, the initial step involves decluttering, donating, and addressing the surplus that's no longer necessary. Setting aside an afternoon and enlisting a candid friend to determine what to retain and let go of is always a good idea. This endeavor demands time; it's not a task that can be rushed through in minutes. However, once accomplished, the closet space opens up, and a sense of order prevails, which is such a gratifying feeling.

Here are five tips I know are helpful when organizing my clothes.

  1. You need several hours, so find and commit to this uninterrupted time to complete the job.

  2. Get a rolling clothes rack; this helps immensely when you need to pull all the items out of the closet to sort and organize.

  3. Gather your supplies like bags and bins. Whether these items will stay in storage or be donated, be ready.

  4. Be in a good mood and headspace; we all have emotional attachments to our things, and it is wise to set yourself up for success and approach this task with a positive attitude and energy.

  5. I like to put things back in the closet in one of two ways: by item or color. This is a personal preference; some people like the look of a color-coordinated space, while others may like organizing by clothing type. I've done it both ways: find what will work for you and what you can easily maintain over time.

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