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  • Amanda Arcone

How To Shop With An Interior Designer

Am I the only one who has noticed that so many interiors on Instagram and HGTV use the same décor? Pottery Barn, IKEA, Target - it's like everyone's home is a copy and paste of their favorite influencer or show. And hey, if you like that, more power to you. But I know many of you are looking for a way to make your space truly unique. Maybe you are trying to redesign your living room. Perhaps you're trying to outfit a studio apartment for AirBnb.

Either way, you want to do something that has yet to be done a hundred times over. (Because it's always awkward when you and your best friend have the same area rug, and a third friend notices…). Besides, the truth is that those big box stores aren't big on quality. Stuff breaks, falls apart, or falls out of style within a few months.

Custom Furniture; Pictures from Norwalk Furniture

As an interior designer, I'm big on quality and style, mainly because that's what my clients want. Whether they consider themselves high-end or they've been saving their pennies for years to do a much-needed revamp, they want their investment to go a long way, not come back to bite them.

The problem is that most high-quality, truly gorgeous home products - furniture, decor, and accessories - aren't available in stores. They have to be purchased through an interior designer. While I'm all about that, I also believe these things should be accessible to you if you DON'T want or need to work with a designer. Maybe you love DIY'ing it….but you don't want your house to look too DIY… Catch my drift?

Rug Images: Company C Rugs

If this struggle for a truly unique, quality space describes you, I have a few solutions. First, I actually sell designer-quality home products in my shop. You don't need to be under contract with me. Just go pick what you like and buy it. If you need an entire room outfitted by your side, I can navigate you through the entire process.

And if you don't need an entire room but are looking for that perfect area rug or lamp, I've got you covered there, too.

A few fun things in the shop!

Lastly, there is no pressure if you're just in the planning phase and still need to figure out what you want. Whether you are ready to buy or not, you can email me, and we can figure out where to start together. Email me at

The shop is chock full of fun ideas and home accessories to get creative ideas flowing. I am here to help guide you and to help you make informed, unique, and sound investments for your home.

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