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  • Amanda Arcone

How to Start a True-to-You Art Collection

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

If you've been hanging out with me on Instagram, you already know there is barely a wall left uncovered. You also know I love to change up my art on a seasonal basis, especially in my kitchen on open shelving. Collected art and unique finds bring me so much joy, not only the hunt but placing them on my walls to enjoy every time I walk by. Let's get creative with my art collection ideas.

Tip #1. Budget for It and Build Slowly

When you're putting your design ideas together and your budget, for that matter, make sure you allocate money and space. Art is like jewelry. It allows you to accessorize your home in a very personal way. Art collecting, while that sounds very fancy, is not about fancy expensive art. Collecting art is about what makes you happy, lights up your soul, and infuses your home with your true essence. I love old art, even better yet, when it's framed in an imperfect antique frame.

Tip #2. Follow Your Heart and Find Your Style

When starting your art collection journey, don't follow trends; follow your heart. How does it make you feel, and what speaks to your would? Even when art is purchased on a budget, it's still an investment? I need flowers and birds in my life, all day, every day. Therefore, you'll find lots of flowers and birds in my art collection. The natural elements speak to and uplift me, especially in the long winters.

Tip #3. Stay Adventurous and Step Outside the Box

Get creative and adventurous with your art collections. Art spans many applications, from paintings, baskets, quilts, iron works, sculptures, clay pots, and I could go on. Mixing these makes the collections even better. I enjoy combining my plants, clay pots, a painting, and found china. It's eclectic, different, colorful, and fun, allowing me to show my personality.

Tip #4. Curate Your Pieces and Create Your Displays

I gave you an example of how I do this above, about being adventurous. Take a step further and try new things. Gallery walls are an excellent way to showcase a botanical art collection; bookshelves make a great gallery for sculptures and other collected items. Statement pieces like art or larger vases look wonderful and impact a kitchen. The sky is the limit. I can't wait to see what you do.

If you're looking to refresh your space, art (I) can help! Book a discovery call with me and let's get to know each other.



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