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  • Amanda Arcone

How to Style Shelves & Bookcases

Because minor upgrades yield significant results

Is your bookcase currently functional and fashionable, or is it a catch-all for the things that don't have a home? More often than not, it's the last one, and that's why I'm diving into the inspiring world of styling today. I will show you exactly how you can take the existing items in your home from boring to well-designed in just a few hours.

Styling shelves and bookcases resemble doing your hair (beyond the messy bun) or putting on a nicely curated outfit. It takes a short amount of time and effort compared to the significant impact it has on the final aesthetic.

As with any styling project, remove everything from the area before you begin. Clear the shelves (dust them too - you know they need it) and sort the items into separate piles.

Place all books and magazines in one pile, decor and photo frames in another, and greenery and plant life in a third pile. Discard any other items that don't fit these categories. Loose paper, gloves or scarves, your cell phone charger, and other pieces of technology shouldn't be on your bookcase.

Palettes and aesthetics are not synonymous. If your color palette is navy, blush and ivory, will you interpret it as French country, farmhouse chic, or ultra-modern? Any of these are possible with that color palette, so you need to be deliberate with the design style you want to create.

With two or three colors in mind and a design style leading the way, find several pieces in at least one of your chosen colors that represent the following textures or finishes: fabric or natural fiber, nature (pine cones, dried grasses, florals, greenery, etc.), metals (bronze, stainless, rose gold, etc.) and glass (clear, mosaic, or ceramic).

Don't try to style your bookcase and shelves the same way you'd style a coffee table. While the curation process is the same, the actual styling uses a different method. Place your items next to each other and take a step back. Do these items flow together? Remove any items that don't seem to belong, then take an item from each category and make odd-numbered groups. Place each group of items on its own shelf. Step back and look at your shelf or bookcase objectively. You may need to shift a few pieces around or adjust the spacing. Either way, your home is now a showcase of your tasteful curation skills, and you didn't have to buy anything new.

What if your entire home could be redesigned, restyled, and revamped? (That happens to be my specialty.)

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Design Trend: Meet Ultra Violet

This luscious shade of purple has me so thrilled to be in the home industry. Since Pantone announced it as their Color of the Year (yes, way back in 2018!), I've been seeing it in designs across the nation. It's also my husband's favorite color!

Design Tip: Freshen your linens It's amazing what a new table runner, tablecloth, or slipcover can do for your furniture. Don't forget to update these items. Giving your eyes something new to enjoy is a great way to love your home even more.



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