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  • Amanda Arcone

How to Swap Out Your seasonal Wardrobe With EASE

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Most of us have limited space to store and keep all our clothes. Whether in your own closet, the kid's closet, or the hallway closet, most of us will have to change out and make room for the seasons. Closets, hallways, and mudrooms tend to get pretty overwhelmed with clutter if your things are not stored correctly, and it gets frustrating to look at too many things, especially when you can't find what you need at the moment.

Every season, and for me, that's Spring and Fall; I get my large plastic storage boxes out, sort out what's not needed, and store it all in a sealed container to keep everything stored safely and well organized. In Springtime, the heavy coats, gloves, sweaters, and boots get removed. Likewise, for Fall, I head back to the bins, put the spring lightweight items away, and put the cooler weather items back in their seasonal spaces. I like to use the large clear plastic bins with lids which you can easily find at any store at reasonable prices. While getting started may be daunting, I like to look at this task as a delightful and exciting way to prepare for the next season.

My top five tips for organizing and swapping out wardrobe and seasonal items are to help you make this a simple, stress-free, and fun process, which you can easily repeat each year. Once you get this system down, it gets easier each time. I also see this as an opportunity to figure out what items I can eliminate, which makes me very happy and motivated to get started.

1. Store Last Season's Clothing Safely

Before you store your item, I always ensure that each piece is freshly laundered and folded nicely. I hang some things too bulky to fold over a hanger in cloth bags to keep dust free. I keep large plastic bags that pillows and comforters come in to repurpose for bulky storage. Seal things up; that way, they stay clean and away from possible critters.

2. Pull the Present Season Out of Storage

When I pull the season out that's going back into the closets, I take time to make sure everything looks good and take a minute to analyze if I need it. Did I wear it last year? Or has it been even longer than that? If it needs a new zipper or alterations, I put it aside, so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

3. Carefully Organize the Closet Before Filling

Another great tip to get started before putting things back is organizing needed supplies ahead of time. Do you have enough hangers and the correct hangers? Have you considered baskets for smaller items that do not require drawers or hangers? Think about these things ahead of time, so you don't get slowed down in the process. This makes it much easier to get it done efficiently and with less frustration.

4. Add This Season's Clothing to Your Organized Closet (and Dresser)

I believe in hanging more items than folding. To me, drawers don't offer enough space to visualize what you have and make it more difficult to grab things, and on top of all that, I flat out hate folding clothes. I also don't like putting clothes away. Things in drawers also get wrinkled, which is why I like to hang clothes. The only thing in the drawers is workout clothes, underthings, and pajamas. Another bonus, I love how fresh the clothes smell when they exit the dryer, and when hanging in the closet, it freshens the closet, another bonus of hanging!

5. Don't Forget the Shoes and Accessories

Shoes and accessories can be space hogs too. I will put boots and scarves away in the spring, and in the fall, I'll tuck away sandals, bathing suits, and other smaller items that take up space in closets and shelves. If I have a trip that calls for opposite-season clothing, I know exactly where to go for favorites I like to pack.

This doesn't have to be a chore if you change your mindset around the task. As I mentioned, I look at this change of season as a positive and an opportunity to look at donating or consign items I no longer need. I also know myself, and I always want a couple of new pieces every season, so when I do this, I make myself feel a little better about getting the job done.

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