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  • Amanda Arcone

How to Tell Stories Through Color in the Home

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

3 Beautiful Color Palettes That Evoke a Timeless Sense of Home

One of my recent clients shared this story with me while developing the color palettes for her renovation project. She told the heartwarming story of her grandmother's home, and we used it to build the rest of her design. This hit home for me, I was very close to my grandmother, and like her, my grandmother loved home and design. She was with me on this project.

The scent of pumpkin pie wafted enticingly from the kitchen of my grandmother's farmhouse. The warm cider in my hands sent nostalgia running through my veins, and I watched with a special type of serenity as my family milled about her stylish living room.

My grandmother's seasonal decor boasted glints of gold, dashes of orange, and the occasional daring black palette. Despite her unique centerpieces, overflowing bowls of candy, and corncob decor, her interior design flowed effortlessly from season to season and year to year.

In honor of this legacy, I'm sharing three warm and home-inspired color palettes you can enjoy year-round. Snippets of my client's story continue below.

Harvest tones:

The client mentioned that over a decade ago, her grandmother had hired an interior designer and a window treatment fabricator to take her space from the 1970s aesthetic to one that was both classic and traditional. "My grandmother said it was Grandfather's gift to her. After all, she had put up with him for over 40 years at that point."

These harvest tones speak to their legacy and the many days spent working in the field or garden.

Creature Colors:

Her grandmother had told her designer that she wanted a design that would stand the test of time, and she had collaborated on window treatments with a fabulous, prestigious workroom that balanced the masculine and feminine perfectly. She was adamant that nature was a key factor in designing her home.

This color palette is reminiscent of the one used in those window treatments. She wanted to include her husband's love of hunting and her own respect for the creatures. This palette is dedicated to that mutual passion.

Late November:

I saw this color palette, and I immediately thought of November. That time of year when the pine green sticks out amongst the trees' fading leaves and brown limbs. Foggy mornings and beautiful afternoon light sometimes touched with a bit of snow.

The client reminisced that the smell of snow in the air and the unavoidable onset of winter was always a place to harbor her family from it all. Every holiday still feels just as it did when she was a child. "The farmhouse still feels like my grandmother's house." It still feels like coming home, but it is also new, as though a classical mode of thought just received a new revelation.

Good design lasts. Great design makes you feel something. This color palette represents the purity of the season.

If you need help choosing a color palette for your room or home, we can help. Click here for services.

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