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How To Work With Me As Your Interior Designer

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

I usually hear from clients when they've either purchased a new house or are embarking on a remodel or refresh of their spaces. They need help, and I act as the creative guide they're looking for in making their house a home. For those of you new here, my name is Amanda, and I am the owner and principal designer of New England Home & Interiors. In this blog, I'll be sharing insider secrets on stretching and maximizing your interior design investment for the most significant impact.

Have you heard of flexible investments? Flexible investments are products or features in your home that can be added later or upgraded when you are ready to make additional investments in your home.

I help my clients allocate most of their investment toward the required and initial project initiatives, as those things directly impact their immediate needs and the function of the home. I then select flexible options for items such as...

  1. Wooden decking can be used initially, with plans to upgrade to composite in a few years.

  2. Vinyl siding can be installed to level up to smart siding, eventually.

  3. Luxury vinyl plank flooring, which can be swapped out for wooden flooring in the future

  4. Hard finishes - such as tiled backsplashes, tiled showers, and interior masonry - can be added months or years after initial construction.

  5. Furniture - you can get by with mid-level furniture in all your more gently used spaces, such as your home office.

I work with homeowners with packed schedules, careers, kids, and the whole shebang. The last thing they want to do when they have a free day is put together decor and furniture shopping lists or try to schedule tradespeople. They often start to sweat, asking themselves...

How much will THIS cost?

How much time will it take?

Will I finish what I've started?

Will I like the result?

I counter these fears by helping you determine where the majority of your budget should be spent, keeping resale value, function, and quality as top priorities. With your remaining budget, we can focus on the less intense facets of the project, such as sourcing the perfect area rug or dining set.

When you are faced with hundreds of decisions, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. That's why buying all the furniture or decor before calling a designer often results in wasted money and items you don't like.

Your budget, large or small, is a thing to be respected. Unfortunately, sometimes homeowners opt for the cheapest retail options to save a few bucks or because they don't know where else to look. When those items have to be replaced a year later or look cheap, homeowners can feel betrayed.

I help you avoid this sticky situation by establishing a game plan around your project, whether one room or the entire house, and that guidance will help prevent unnecessary purchases, not to mention needless stress.

You tell me your needs and wants, and I get the wheels turning. There is a reason why room refreshes, and renovations are so much fun for my clients. Together, we can reinvent your daily life.

Much like you, we work all day and come home exhausted. We understand the importance of having a soft place to land. We know why you want a playroom for your kids (no more toys in the living room, please, and thank you!) or that mother-in-law suite or that getaway cabin up north.

I don't look at your project and think, "How can I make this really pretty?"

Pretty is too easy. Functional, tailored, and attractive? Well, that's personal. Your daily life and your family's environment are too essential to undercut or improperly budget.

If you are ready to get both a financial and design plan for turning your house or space into your dream home, let's get started. Go to to book a consult with me. Or email me directly at

Until next time,


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