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  • Amanda Arcone

Inspiring Home Makeover Ideas To Transform Your Space

Do you have a dream house? How about a dream house makeover? Here's a quick look at the most popular home makeover dreams on the schedule for this year.

Your home is more than a dwelling. It reflects your personality and is a haven for your private affairs. Flood it with light, not nosy neighbors. The right windows will allow you optimum privacy and weather protection while ensuring you and your home get plenty of vitamin D.

Before replacing or adding windows, ask your contractor for suggestions on the best brand for your residence climate. Choosing the right product is as important as proper installation. Adding window treatments gives you the privacy you need and provides energy efficiency to your home. Adding a beautiful fabric draper allows another opportunity to dress your room.

The Nordic style is for you if you crave wide-open spaces and natural elements. You can create the perfect backdrop for your modern, conscientious lifestyle with reclaimed wood planks and lightly-stained wooden beams.

Nordic design pairs gracefully with glass tile backsplashes, white cabinets, and glittery chandeliers. On the flip side, wrought iron, copper, and stone elements would also blend well.

Tired of paint? Try wallpaper. Gone are the confusing prints of the 1970s. The refreshing and lively melodies of modern wallpaper are here to stay. With a combination of solids and prints, your walls can upgrade seamlessly, no matter your style preference.

Ready to upgrade part - or all - of your home? Please book promptly. We are quickly filling our schedules.

Schedule a complimentary consult with me before the rush of the Holidays!

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