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  • Amanda Arcone

Make Your Kitchen Pretty Like a Painted Lady

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

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Painted Kitchen Cabinets

If you enjoy your makeup as much as the next lady (pass the red lipstick, please!), you won't have trouble picturing your kitchen cabinetry the same way. Adding the right amount of the right color(s) can bring out your kitchen's best features, set the tone of the space, and energize everyone who enters.

While white, black, or natural wood finishes are still excellent options, what if you went on the wild side? From deep jewel palettes to earthy hues, your kitchen cabinetry is a masterpiece waiting to happen. You've seen my kitchen a few times over, and my love for my deep blue painted cabinets.

Consider getting guidance from me if you need help determining the best cabinetry color and hardware selections for your home. I'd love to schedule a time to chat. You can schedule here. In the meantime, here are a few things to consider when planning an update.

If your modern kitchen has sleek cabinetry and minimal hardware, you might be concerned that your space will look bland, a little too vanilla for your Neapolitan flair.

In this situation, I suggest pairing a classic neutral and an earthy color for two-toned beauty. This will add depth and interest to your space without deviating from your minimal or modern aesthetic.

Why play it safe when you were born to be wild? If you love a neutral backsplash, you can pair it easily with bold, painted cabinets. To avoid making your kitchen look dated in a few years, I suggest using natural, earthy colors such as deep green, rich navy, olive, etc. Case in point, I painted my cabinets navy blue over five years ago, and they're still relevant and passing the test of time today.

Paint the upper and lower cabinets the same color. The uniformity will increase the perceived height of your walls and make your kitchen feel more spacious and streamlined while still packing a punch of pure character.

DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS: Pair old and new.

Even the most modern home designs are more inclusive of antique pieces, which lend a worldly and well-traveled vibe without interrupting the flow.

Bonus Tip: Change the details.

Swapping out the light switches and outlet plates in your kitchen is an easy way to upgrade your style in a day. The design is truly in the details.

Schedule time with me to discuss your next project here.

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