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  • Amanda Arcone

My Favorite 2024 Bathroom Trends

Since I am in the middle of three bathroom projects, I thought it would be the perfect time to dive into the latest and some of my favorite trends, especially when creating beautiful spaces like bathrooms.

In 2024, we see a delightful blend of modern functionality, timeless elegance, and that oh-so-needed spa getaway feel.

The use of natural materials is always a good idea and gives you the feeling of being with nature. Consider incorporating elements like stone, marble, or wood for a warm and organic feel. These materials add a touch of luxury and bring a sense of tranquility to the space. Imagine a bathroom with sleek marble countertops, a wooden vanity, and maybe even some stone accents – it's like bringing a spa experience into your home!

Color palettes are shifting towards soothing and muted tones. Soft blues, greens, and earthy neutrals are gaining popularity. Brown is having its moment, too, and I love how these muted tones play well with rich browns. These colors create a serene atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Picture a bathroom with soft green tiles complemented by brass fixtures for that ideal blend of nature-inspired tranquility and a touch of glam.

Open shelving has been and remains popular in kitchens, but we see its comeback in bathroom design. It adds a sense of openness and allows you to showcase your favorite accessories and create a personalized touch. Consider incorporating floating shelves for a modern and airy look, where you can display stylish storage baskets, plants, or your favorite scented candles.

I hope this glimpse into the exciting world of 2024 bathroom trends inspires you to create an oasis in your bathroom. Or, if you're stuck in figuring out what to do, we are here to help. Reach out and schedule some time to discuss your project, and we'll be happy to help you create that beautiful oasis.

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