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MY TOP Design Elements to make you AN AIRBNB superhost in no time

There are three types of people in this modern world: Those who have stayed at an AirBnb, those who own AirBnbs, and those who want to do one or the other. AirBnb has revolutionized travel and provided never-before-seen income streams for homeowners like you. If you have a mother-in-law suite that you don't use or a studio apartment above your garage, or some other place you own that could be transformed into a short-stay living space, you could easily bring in more profit for your family and perhaps even fund a few vacations of your own.

Today, I'm sharing my top tips for designing your own AirBnb listing that will result in numerous and profitable bookings. With this business model, nearly anyone can get closer to financial freedom. Why not give it some thought?

I recommend wood floor, tiles or other laminate hard surfaces. This allows for more durability yet gives character without succumbing to spilled liquids, heavy use, or frequent cleanings. To soften your areas, add easy-to-care-for area rugs.

The countertops of your AirBnb listing also deserve some thought. High-definition laminate looks excellent, but just a tad more cash will get you a great piece of granite. Since your countertop space will likely be minimal, so will your granite investment. (Apply this same concept to your cabinetry and light fixtures.)

These tips will help you quickly maintain and care for your Airbnb while at the same time creating a comfortable space for your guests. They'll appreciate more durable spaces, too; no one wants to damage your home accidentally.

Let your new guests settle in with ease by making sure you add small tables on either side of the bed, a bench at the foot of the bed, open shelving in the kitchen for their travel-proof snacks, and extra hangers in the closet for their clothes.

If you want to attract professionals as your guests, include desk space, device charging stations, an adjustable office chair, and more.

If you want to attract guests with children, include children's books, a few easy-to-sanitize toys, and space for a pack'n play (you could even include one onsite). I always have toys, a few coloring books, and crayons to help keep the children occupied, especially if the weather calls for staying inside!

If you are dealing with small square footage, you could add a dining table that folds down from the wall, a Murphy bed, stackable appliances, an all-in-one washer and dryer (yep, just like the RVs have), and more. Get creative and ask yourself what amenities you always wished you had when traveling.

Get the best bedding you can afford. This will make a significant impact on your guests. Make sure the bedding is seasonal too. I've stayed at places with flimsy quilts on the bed in the winter and wasn't very comfortable. I make sure to add fluffy down comforters and a quilt to ensure guests have the best night's rest.

White towels are the best towels to have on hand. They look clean and fresh; keeping them that way is easy too because you can bleach them. Have lots of towels too. Nothing is worse than staying at a place and not finding enough towels. I also use special laundry detergent to add extra freshness to all the linens.

Keep a few essentials on hand. We've all forgotten a toothbrush or toothpaste. I make sure I have extras. I also provide soaps and shampoos. Keeping sugar and coffee creamer on hand makes that first morning even better.

And last but not least, this should go without saying, but the space has to be super clean to make a superhost. Don't pinch pennies in this department. If you can't do it alone, hire out help for this so that your Airbnb space is perfectly spotless clean. Add a personal touch to set you apart from your competition such as flowers, a baked treat, or a bottle of wine.

DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS - AirBnb comfort ideas

High-end mattresses and bath towels are key features of any quality AirBnb listing, while pricey TVs won't do much to increase the value of your nightly rate.

TIP OF THE MONTH-Keep your AirBnb safe

Include smart lock features and PIN codes with your listing to streamline how your guest's check in and check out - especially if you aren't able to meet them at the door.

Struggling to decide if AirBnB is right for you and even where to start with designing a room that's easy to keep guests comfortable? Book a free discovery call with me and let's talk about it.



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