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  • Amanda Arcone

Statement Lighting, Illuminating Your Space

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

A Grand Chandelier

Chandeliers bring elegance and drama to a space. Your Styles choices are unlimited, from crystal, modern, or vintage-inspired chandeliers. I love the mix of materials like iron and brass, and the woven chandeliers add incredible texture to your room.

Oversized Pendant Lights

I love an oversized pendant, especially over a kitchen island. It adds such impact and interest to a space. As with chandeliers, the choices are practically endless in the pendant category. You have so many options of shapes and materials, such as industrial metal or artistic glass pendants.

Artistic and Sculptural Fixtures

Remember to explore lighting fixtures that double as artistic sculptures. Talk about the wow factor. I love the shapes and textures that fabric chandeliers add to a room. Not only do they bring warmth to a space, but they look and feel organic.

Colorful and Playful Lighting

Let your inner child run wild with colorful lighting fixtures. Choose vibrant shades and playful designs.

Geometric and Architectural Designs

Bring a modern element to your design by adding geometric shapes or architectural influences within your lighting choices. These bold pieces can be minimalist or maximalist, depending on your design direction. These fixtures provide clean lines or intricate patterns and geometric forms.

Nature-Inspired Lighting

Bring the outside in by selecting lighting fixtures inspired by nature with materials like wood or rattan. Rattan is really having a moment right now!

Think of natural elements like branches, flowers, or leaves. These are particularly excellent choices for dining rooms.

Industrial and Vintage Fixtures

Vintage pieces bring all the charm, and industrial options help merge classic into more modern or traditional designs. Get more creative with exposed bulbs, reclaimed materials, and aged finishes.

Statement Floor Lamps

This is another excellent way to add additional lighting sources to your room and provides vertical, tall, and visually striking statement pieces. Choose a floor lamp with sculptural bases and oversized shades for the most impact.

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