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  • Amanda Arcone

Successfully Decorating With Faux Florals And Plants

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

If your green thumb isn't so green, you may want to consider faux florals and plants. Both can be a great way to add natural elements and greenery to your space without the maintenance that comes with natural plants. There are many options for bringing faux flowers and plants of all kinds into your home, and they are not the florals of yesterday. It used to be a no-no to decorate with fake plants and flowers; honestly, they used to look just like the plastic they're made of. But you can do this with excellent-quality stems and thoughtful arrangements. I do have a few thoughts, ideas, and tips for successfully decorating with faux florals and plants.

Choose High-Quality Faux Florals and Plants: The quality of faux florals and plants can vary widely, so choose high-quality options that look as realistic as possible. Invest in the best you can afford; they last forever, after all.

Mix and Match: Mix different faux plants and florals to create a more natural, varied look. Consider adding different textures and heights to add more visual interest. Look at natural floral arrangements and mimic these styles with your faux floral stems.

Add Greenery to Your Walls: Hang faux plants and greenery on your walls to create a natural, botanical look. This can be an excellent option for small spaces that don't have room for larger plants. There are many options for wall-hanging vases that bring fun to an area.

Use Faux Plants as Centerpieces: Create beautiful centerpieces by arranging faux florals and plants in vases or other containers. This is a great way to add a natural touch to your dining table or other surfaces. Use vintage bowls, pots, and vases to elevate the look of the stems.

Add Faux Plants to Your Bathroom: Bathrooms can be a great place to add faux plants and flowers. They can add color and texture to the space and create a spa-like atmosphere. Bathrooms often do not get enough light for the real deal, making a perfect spot for a faux plant or floral bouquet.

And don't forget about beautiful dried flowers. These are another tremendous low-maintenance, high-impact natural material to add to your decor.

Go wild and use faux florals and plants to add natural elements and greenery to your space without the maintenance that comes with natural plants.

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