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  • Amanda Arcone

The Closed Floor Plan Is Back

The Open Concept Isn't for Everyone

Open concept floor plans have been all the rage for the past decade or so. I/m excited to share the news that we in the design community have been waiting to hear for oh-so-long:

The open concept floor plan is on its way out the door. Pun intended. If you live in an older house you're already used to this idea and probably agree with me on this subject. Lets explore this and why its coming back, and one of the big reasons was, you guessed it, the last 2 years spent at home, a lot.

While HGTV might have you convinced that putting your living room, kitchen, dining room, and foyer all in one, wall-free space is a good idea, I'm presenting you with a few reasons why you might want to reconsider it.

Walls contain our belongings in designated spaces, providing opportunities for storage and decor (shelves, cabinetry, wall hangings). Remove the walls and you're left with a pile of stuff that must be thoughtfully curated, organized, and placed. ...and so you may very well end up having a very cluttered-looking space.

Somehow, that TV remote will find its way from the ottoman to the dining room table. Your coffee cup will sit idle on an end table. Your kids' shoes will continue to be strewn further and further into the living room from the entry or foyer area. If this mental picture causes you stress, it's time to consider the value of adding a few walls to your space.

Our belongings tend to expand to the space available. While an open kitchen, dining, and living area might appear cavernous upon move-in day, two sofas, an abundance of toys, and mismatched pieces eventually find their way into the space, making it feel cramped.

Plus, the decor in the kitchen might not quite flow with the living room accessories, making the room look a little more crowded. Adding walls for proper delineation might be the solution. Mixing and matching furniture styles and accessories in older homes make it easier for this precise reason.

When your partner wants to watch the game while lounging on the sofa, and you'd rather listen to music while you cook, one of you must concede your preferred entertainment in an open floor plan. Additionally, if someone is using noisy kitchen appliances, their cacophony will be heard throughout most of the house. The same goes with entertaining, if someone wants to watch football all the guests must suffer through it, or otherwise, you end up having a no "this" or "that" rule, which is the opposite of having an inviting home. The closed room concept is here to stay and for good reason, it's been around for the ages and it makes practical sense.

What could encourage your household harmony? Walls in the right places I say!

DESIGN TIP - Don't waste wall space

Use the extra wall in your kitchen for additional cabinetry, stylish floating shelves, or an artwork display. (Yes, art belongs in the kitchen, too.) See the shelf styling blog here

What if your entire home could be redesigned, restyled, and revamped? (That happens to be my specialty.)

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