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The Last Year in Review & A Fun Preview of What's Yet to Come

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

What a year you were, 2022! I'm even more excited to see what unfolds for all of us in 2023. I get delighted this time of year with planning new farmhouse projects, fun work ideas, client projects in process, and trips with friends and family. I'm not the type of gal that makes or sets resolutions, but I always set goals for learning something new and going somewhere new. Over the years, developing an educational plan for myself has gotten me further down my path than setting random goals without an outline of some kind. Learning something usually is the driving force for changing something.

My Favorite Highlights of 2022

2022 gave me some incredible highlights and beautiful memories, from traveling to France with a dear friend and taking a whole week to travel with my family. I spent so much time with my children and reconnecting with some critical people in my life. Lastly, leaving my corporate job and working in my design business full-time was an incredible shift in my focus from a career perspective and a significant change in life.

My Big Plans & Goals for 2023

My plans for the design company include learning, adding fun products to offer, and much more. My family is the center of my world, and I look forward to many trips and adventures with them. I have big educational goals to learn more about the furniture and window covering industries. Curiosity and learning help me improve my job and offer the best services. Most importantly! Opening a design shop, ultimate goal for the year. Stay tuned!

My Upcoming Work with You in 2023

My top goals for the new year are to learn as much as I can and to offer the very best in services and products, to help you create a beautiful home, to relax, unwind and spend time with loved ones—creating spaces with color, textures, and, most importantly, harmony.

If you need help in the new year with a project, let's connect and chat about how we can work together. I’d love to help you!

Contact me, and let's get planning. Just click here.



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