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  • Amanda Arcone

The Laundry Room-Where Function meets Luxury

Diversify and beautify this utilitarian space.

In decades past, the laundry room was overlooked and quite nearly forgotten. Not only was it sent to the basement on a permanent time-out (so very inconvenient!), but it was also pretty darn ugly (as if doing laundry wasn't bad enough).

Fortunately, the modern laundry room has come a long way. Today, these spaces are flooded with light, layered with luxurious wallpaper, open shelving, decorative accents, and easy-on-the-eyes storage options. They often feature amenities such as exterior access, a powder room, a deep sink, and more.

What should you include in your next laundry room? Let's talk about it.

Ah, laundry. If you must fold it, at least have a folding counter at the ready. This makes doing the laundry a bit easier, especially if you have windows that allow plenty of natural lighting.

This extra counter space can also be used for crafting, potting plants, and other things that are too messy for other areas in the home.

Laundry rooms make for great mudrooms, complete with a bench for sitting down to put on your shoes and a cubby for each family member. Ideally, cubbies should be big enough to hold a full-size backpack, a pair of shoes, a hat, and gloves. This will help you all stay organized (or at least contain the chaos in one room so you can close the door — haha).

Things other than clothes also need to be washed, such as your favorite canine with a penchant for mud puddles. Laundry rooms are the perfect place to install a dog washing station, especially if your laundry room has exterior access. By all means, let the muddy pooch inside — and march him straight to his shower. A handheld sprayer with adjustable controls will make it easy for you to get him squeaky clean without inadvertently taking a shower!


Many homeowners are leaning toward well-designed laundry rooms that are both ergonomic and functional while also aesthetically pleasing with a touch of luxury (think: area rugs or runners, Roman shades, decor).


Add a multi-functional space for resale. If you ever intend to sell your home (or just really want to enjoy it while you're there), consider giving the laundry room at least two purposes, such as laundry-mudroom or laundry-pet-station combos.

If you need help figuring out your laundry room or mudroom, book a free 15-minute discovery call with me.



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