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  • Amanda Arcone

The Power of Color in Your Home

How color can change the way you feel!

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If white-on-white kitchens make you feel like taking a deep breath of air or if you've felt the serenity of light blues and grays, you've experienced the overwhelming power that color has on your emotional and physiological states.

In fact, it isn't merely the color itself that our brains interpret as mood-invoking, but also the shade, pattern, and depth of that color. (e.g. A bright red alerts us to danger and puts us on edge, while a deep burgundy can make us feel warm, passionate, and elegant. Additionally, small and repetitive patterns can make us feel regimented while large, flowing patterns bring out our artistic sides.)

Is your home making you moody?

While you might laugh at this idea, give it a chance. If your living room is a drab beige and you often find yourself listless or unhappy when in that room, you can bet your last can of paint that there is a connection. Certain colors can multiply or muffle light and can even appear as various shades of that color throughout the day, depending on how much sunlight that room receives and its proximity to other colors. Basically, colors are complicated, and color choices are by far the most stressful decisions that must be made during any home improvement project.

Do you crave a fresh start?

If you've hit a wall with your personal life or have made changes that call for updates, you need to consider the physical walls around you and the colors therein. Are they enhancing the positive qualities of your life - thankfulness, love, abundance - or are they muting your individual voice?

We find the latter to be true nearly every time you buy a new home (and, in essence, take on the mood/color palette of the previous owner). Not all vibes are worth sharing, and that's why fabric, furniture, and paint colors must be matched to your current chapter in life.



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