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  • Amanda Arcone

Window Coverings for Historic Homes

Staying Stylish & Loyal to the Era

Historic homes whisper intriguing tales of long-ago homemakers and housekeepers. They know the secrets of the upstairs maid, the cook, and the butler. And now, your life has become part of that home's story. I think about this often when I roam around my old farmhouse. Beautiful, isn't it?

If you own a historic home and want to dress your windows in a way that speaks to the era and flows with the architecture, look no further.

Today I'm sharing three window treatment ideas that are perfect for historic homes - primarily because the window treatments themselves were invented mainly in that same stretch of history. (e.g., The Victorian era heavily used drapery; therefore, Victorian-style homes are well-suited to that grandiose style, complete with cornices.)

While nearly everyone has seen exterior shutters, not all of you will be familiar with the concept of their interior counterpart. Interior shutters were - and still are - often used in warmer climates. They allow for proper airflow as well as privacy, a win-win! Interior shutters are a convenient window covering for southern or southwestern style homes. They are also a good fit for colonial houses, as they do not have open slats. Those New England winters are chilly!

While interior shutters hail from as far back as ancient Greece, wooden blinds were first used in ancient Egypt. Today, we know them as Venetian blinds. The variety of slat sizes and wood stains make Venetian blinds an adaptable window covering for many historical homes. I suggest staining them to match your window casing for a truly historical approach.

You can't get much more Victorian than the lace curtain or swag. That era of British history saw layers and layers of lace combined into dainty window coverings. While excellent for light-filtering effects, they'll likely need to be paired with another window covering, such as blinds, to ensure privacy.

History repeats itself. Even if your home isn't quite so ancient, you can still use 21st-century versions of these window treatment styles. Many modern design brands carry interior shutters and Venetian blinds. Your creativity is the only limitation!


Made in the shade. Roller shades or Roman shades make for the perfect "base" of your window treatment fashion. Layer your shades with drapery panels, a cornice, or both to concoct a completely custom design. Roller shades come in many different styles and fabrics.

Need help with your next room design? Check out my design services, book a 15-minute complimentary call, and let's work together.



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